Your partner in delivering results focused training and development

The Kudos Group supplies a comprehensive range of results focused consultancy and training/development services to the private and public sector. All of our training programmes are bespoke and we specialise in business interventions that have clearly defined objectives. We work in partnership with each client to fully understand the aims, objectives and target audience. This ensures all elements of the programme are designed and delivered appropriately and that formal measures are put in place. These may well be at an organisational, departmental or individual level.


A team of professionals with 20 years ‘hands on’ experience who have stepped away from the corporate world to bring an innovative approach to training solutions whilst still being able to relate to everyday business challenges and return on investment.


Our consultants have operated at senior levels in many business functions from finance operations to sales and marketing. With Kudos you will always work with an experienced consultant who will listen and get to know your business needs and your expectations.


For the most effective and long lasting results we need to have your trust and confidence; we aim to partner with you, to meet your objectives and to be open and flexible in order to focus on your needs.

The Leadership Team


I love challenge, learning, variety, people and coffee! My latest challenge is golf… which I juggle with family life and Kudos making everyday different. My motto: ‘one day at a time’.


Friends call me Mrs Competitive, colleagues call me Mrs Maverick, My husband calls me Mrs Right! I have a passion for ugly things but am obsessive about time and order; love good food but can’t cook; adore country gardens but can’t garden; compete at any sport..


‘Jack of all trades’ was clearly created for me. Name a skill that I haven’t tried to master, and you’d probably be wrong. Current passions are running and golf. Through over 10 years working in technology sales, I’ve learned that my most important work value is authenticity.


Best known for my attention to detail, hospitality and chat (and believe me I can and will talk to anyone!). So it comes as no surprise that my favourite past time is a social one with friends & family usually with a cocktail or glass of fizz in hand!

Our Clients

The Kudos Group delivers a range of successful training & development programmes to the private and public sectors, ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations.